View Full Version : Anyone Built Their Own Fridge?

21-02-2015, 09:34 PM
I am currently making mine and taking some building pics along the way. I completely dismantled my mini fridge keggerator and put it in a custom built cabinet. I cut through one of the condenser lines so read up on how to repair and recharge the system. I framed it with 2x2's and used 2 inch foam boards and plywood. Caulked everything and have primed it. I will then seal it with several coats of white gloss varnathane or the like.
I have one side still to finish on the condenser line and have to wait until a part comes in to draw a vacuum and recharge the system. I intend to finish the outside with thin hardwood panelling. It will comfortably hold my two kegs and ten lb co2 container. It will also have room if I decide to put a wine tap and nitrogen canister as well (still playing with that idea).