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10-02-2015, 10:35 AM

I have a problem with my Electrolux Fridge Freezer Model 7946B , at first the temp in the Fridge was getting high at times (9C) then for awile it would be ok down to 2C .
So I purchased a new Thermostat Ranco K59( chinese I think ) and fit it , but then the F/F would not switch of, the fridge was going down to -4 .
So I fit a timer for the time being to switch on for 1 hour and then of for 20min , that was keeping the Fridge to around 0C/3C .
I then ordered a Original RANCO Thermostat , fit that and it is still the same ,the fridge is getting down to -3C and still not switching of.

Fitting the Thermostat was quite straight forward , the Capillery tube just went straight into the Fridge from the top then behind the Evaporator plate and looped around a plastic clip at the back of the plate then a screw pulled it up to the back of the plate , the clip kept the tube about 1/2 mm Wy from touching the plate .

It has got me beat , I did serve my time has a Electrician ( albeit a long time ago ) so I have got a bit of savvy .


Glenn Moore
11-02-2015, 06:14 PM
Hi Spike
This K59 stat has 3 variances types A,B,& C . I think you have type B. You have a plastic tube with 2 wires plus the capillary tube inside . These 2 wires are a heater circuit to keep the capillary tube warm when the compressor has cut out. This is supposed to keep the thermostat settings accurate!!. So contacts 3 and 4 stop and start the compressor , when these contacts open they also cause the heater to warm up . You say the sensor is held off of the evaporator plate by 1-2mm . It is important that the last 100mm of the capillary tube has contact with the evaporator plate to operate correctly, this may be why the stat is not cutting out correctly. The last 100mm is normally bent in a tight loop so that it has the correct length of contact surface to work correctly.
The stat is then set to cut out normally on No2 or 3 on the dial, and it should cut back in between 2and 8Deg C after the evaporator plate has defrosted
Kr Glenn