View Full Version : Help Picking Cost Effective Propane Refrigeration Compressor

Casey McNamara
28-01-2015, 04:15 PM

I am wondering if someone could help me out. I am looking to pick two propane compressor for a refrigeration skid. The flowrates seem to be too small for some of the larger propane compressor manufacturers (i.e. Mycon) and too large for conventional HVAC. Could someone steer me to a good choice? Here are the process conditions:

Primary Compressor
ACFM: 130
PSuction: 30 psig
PDischarge: 62 psig
TSuction: 21 F

Secondary Compressor:

ACFM: 22
PSuction: 57 psig
PDischarge: 180 psig
TSuction: 35 F

Thanks again for your help.

Rob White
29-01-2015, 08:20 AM

You don't need Propane compressors.

Any compatible one will do. R404a as a refrigerant is
very similar to Propane and R404a compressors are
the normal compressor for R290 (Propane).

Just make sure you get one with the correct electrics
to start the thing. The relay and Klixon need to be self
contained and or spark proof.



29-01-2015, 11:55 AM
Be sure you have enough super heating on suction side ( take heat from liquid line to TXV) ie. if super heat is to low and compressor is efficient (high isentropic value) - propane suction gas can make steam under compression moment ie. high thermal capacity in propane itself and dilute oil on surfaces in cylinder and wears increase.

R1270 (propylene) have more heating in compress stage and not so sensitivity on low SH, but also little lower theoretical COP

Remember if using R404A, R407C or R22 compressors - is not primary designed for propane and not thinking on 'cold' gas as R290 on compression even if R404A is closest to R290 in thermal capacity and you self need make some quirks as enough high superheat before compressor suction port by design.

We have in Sweden lot of ruined extahust air heatpump with propane charge after to short time running and big part of mess is not thinking about superheat of suction line and other oil manage error and give propane filled machine bad reputation, but really is design mistake from manufacture side, not a Propan as refrigerant.