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20-01-2015, 12:35 AM
These repairs are with in a month.
The first due to my outside unit on my heat pump 2.5 tons, 13 years old, making noise and freezing. He replaced the motor two days later same noise. When I called them back out they said the fan was making the noise. They would order it, a week and half later, I am at warehouse picking up fan myself. They said the freezing was normal.

Not willing to call back first tech that would not pick up phone when I called an yes this was a company.
I started trouble shooting
Still freezing I check the defrost board and it going into defrost by jumping the pins.

Second tech an inch of ice on outside unit. 2.5 lbs *****, the temp on the line went from 117 to 150, he raise the defrost time to 80 from 60 seconds. He said the fan was running in defrost. He was not sure why this would happen.

The unit is still frosting heavy this morning with ice on Cage, lucky it melted due to warm temp.
Would the ICP Heat Pump Contactor cause the fan to stay on and reduce the efficiency of the defrost mode. What else could cause fan not turning off and freezing.

Two company two techs

monkey spanners
20-01-2015, 02:34 PM
We don't get that style of unit here so i am not familiar with it, but, i believe the fan power supply is fed through the defrost board so if the fan is staying on when it should not it is likely the board is faulty. Though you would need to test it while it is working and then defrosting to see what is going on.
It may also be possible that the fan was wired in differently when it was changed and now no long is connected through the defrost board.

The Viking
21-01-2015, 01:11 AM

As Mr. Spanners states above, not familiar with that unit here on this side of the pond.

13 year old unit that need work on it that the first engineer couldn't fix?
Sure it wouldn't be more financial viable to let the unit retire to the great junkyard in the sky?

A new unit would have much higher efficiency (= run cheaper), come with a warranty and most likely not cost a lot more than what the bill for the repairs of your existing unit are likely to be.