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13-01-2015, 05:13 PM
Any one want to hazard a guess as to what this is?
I placed an 8" shifter in the picture to give a size reference
Not really difficult I know but you don't often see them this size....

13-01-2015, 05:45 PM
Hi David.
An interesting Photo you have there!
It looks like as you say a Large ?
Non Return Valve components maybe?
I have seen check valves of a similar design but never that big!

13-01-2015, 07:54 PM
Or a really huge solenoid valve?

13-01-2015, 08:35 PM
Hi David
Looks like the seat out of a stop / check valve, I would guess the valve is about 400 mm and the seat material looks like white metal.

13-01-2015, 09:31 PM
Well done gentlemen it is indeed a suction check valve or as Frick call it a 12" multivalve assembly
It sits within this housing, the seat is actually just an "O" ring set into the sliding button
Had to replace because it was binding on the shaft & allowing the compressor to run backward on shutdown & screws don't like that!

14-01-2015, 07:57 AM
Interesting a Fric in Scotland, you would have thought a Howden for sure!
Globalization I guess.