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30-12-2014, 11:20 AM
CC'd: from my 'welcome post' to see if we can generate any further assistance?
Thanks again to Hookster for his response!


Re: Hello All!

Many thanks, Hookster.

The concept would be to incorporate these into custom trolleys so that the charity could use them at events.
As such, we were looking to produce a few carts here in the UK using readily available equipment, as you suggest.
It would be great to work with someone to specify the equipment and help build the first prototype! The specification of the plate and trolley is understood - we are in need of someone that can help with the bits between 'the plate and the plug', so to speak. Supply based on 230/10amp domestic or 16/32a single phase at events.

30-12-2014, 09:31 AMinstall monkey
You can get sorbet machines on e bay for 500 quid

30-12-2014, 09:13 AMhookster
Hi Mark
It is simple to produce but I question if it would be cost effective over import. We pay a premium on our equipment as it too is imported and individual item costs are high plus UK labour rates.

As a project for yourself an old freezer low back pressure compressor can be converted to make the ice cream freeze plate. an expansion copper tube coil silver soldered to back of 'fry plate' and fed by capillary tube.
you want to be evaporating about -20 on plate, obviously once you source your plate and compressor, condenser it can be sized.

30-12-2014, 08:38 AMClearsky1
Hi everybody.
Happy Christmas.

I have joined this forum as I come with a project. I am working for a Charity (clear-Sky) and they would like to produce one of these:


I am a product designer but no nothing of the refrigeration requirements to make one of these work! Just wondering if anyone here would be able to assist?

Would be great to hear from any engineer that might be able to help design the cooling system to instantly freeze the mixture to make ice cream!


Mark - mark@clear-sky.org.uk

monkey spanners
30-12-2014, 12:56 PM
Whats your budget for these?

install monkey
30-12-2014, 01:17 PM

Whats your budget for these?

monkey spanners
30-12-2014, 01:24 PM
Hahahah! :D

30-12-2014, 10:23 PM
Whats your budget for these?

Thanks for the question. Having received quotes from a Chinese manufacturer for the complete product, we had hoped that by predominantly modifying existing components and producing a few custom components we could make the cooling plate for under 500?
Are we even in the right area?

monkey spanners
30-12-2014, 11:25 PM
I would think starting from scratch you'd be looking at 10 to 15k and i could still easily end up losing my shirt, but others may have different ideas.

If you can buy a working one cheap go for it.

Otherwise it would be like trying to make a working car cheaper from parts than you can buy one, i doubt your budget would cover half the parts needed.

The Viking
31-12-2014, 01:51 AM
Hi Mark,

Short answer is no, not a chance you will be able to make these for anything near your budget.

However, as you are representing a charity...
Have you tried contacting the collages in your neck of the woods that are offering refrigeration courses?
The only other option would be to get an old retired engineer to join your quest...

But, do be prepared. The parts alone will blow your budget.


02-01-2015, 10:21 AM
Thank you all for your replies.
Sadly, it seems we have been rather naive in hoping that we could take apart and old freezer and use some of its components to build the prototype.

The search, continues....!


03-01-2015, 01:11 PM
The units for sale use a Panasonic 2P14S225ANE compressor.


Notwithstanding the fact that we know almost nothing of what is required, considering that the compressor is only around $80 - is this really an impossible project for a sub 500GBP build?

I would really appreciate any further guidance as we really think making a few of these would be great for the cause!


03-01-2015, 01:16 PM
Further expansion on the system (inc images) -

03-01-2015, 01:23 PM
Why we would like to build our own....


install monkey
03-01-2015, 02:19 PM
its only 600 english quids,your initial budget was 500 quid :p

monkey spanners
03-01-2015, 10:16 PM
If you had a pile of the correct parts you could assemble them for cheap, but what you are asking is for someone to make one from scratch unless you are providing build plans and a parts list.

It has got to chill product from ambient down to the freezing temperature possibly in the heights of summer.

What ever you make need to work as you could risk making people ill if product is not chilled correctly.

Why not seek out a more reputable manufacturer and see if they will sponsor your charity with a ex demo machine? May make a good advertising feature for them.

03-01-2015, 10:55 PM
You are making a rod for your own back starting from scratch, have you got a mix recipe, what are the ingredients'. what is the churn/freeze temperature, do you have an approved food manufactures equipment certificate. Do you have a food sellers licence, approved manufacturing place and food safety licence.
best spend money on a soft serve machine with approved mix stored at correct temperature and hit the ground running and making money straight away for you charity. Even bend some arms for sponsorship or even a lease to own a single barrel soft serve churn, pay as you go deal on sales volumes.

06-01-2015, 06:29 PM

These are the components used to create the machines produced in China.
I really do not want to annoy anyone and being at risk of sounding incredibly naive, is there any reason why we couldn't locally source these components and assemble in the UK?