View Full Version : Acid drier and multi core housing

28-12-2014, 04:47 AM

I have to insert acid drier cores into a Danfoss Muti Core drier housing.

Should I only insert one acid drier, and three normal drier cores, or should I change all of the cores for acid driers?

I always thought that I should replace all with acid driers, but someone has mentioned that I would only need to change 1 for an acid type, and simply replace the remaining driers for standard.

For info; There is not a great deal of acid, but enough for me to warrant the replacement of the driers and oilo.
The system is R507, marine refrigeration plant for HT, MT and LT (two systems).
Acid analysis came back minimal, and the oil is being changed frequently.



Glenn Moore
28-12-2014, 11:33 AM
Hi Horsysi
Is the drier in the liquid line or suction line ?
Did you have a burnt out or is this normal operation acid ?
Changing the oil is a good idea to remove acid along with drier cores
Pure Acid removing cores are fitted in the suction line to protect the compressor windings specifically but other cores are a mixture to remove both moisture and any incidental acid produced by the system through normal operation and should be fitted in the liquid line. There are high capacity cores for high moisture absorption again for liquid line use as if the system is dry acid becomes inert,