View Full Version : Compressor 4EC-4.2-20D bitzer

25-12-2014, 02:01 PM
Dear Sir,
I have a problem in my compressor , one on the three phases reading high amp , and the overload trip , there is no problem in the site voltage , the electrical performance is good
i changed the compressor and put oil separator because i thought that the problem is mechanical
what is your opinion ?

25-12-2014, 02:54 PM
Ok what happen

you had compressor or electrical problem . why you change oil separator ?
did you have oil return problem to your compressor.
meanly in these case one of wiring is damage or has leak to earth .
if you test wiring with meager ( or very sensitive AVOmeter ) you see the difference and leaks,
But first you should be check your switch box and your wiring.

28-12-2014, 09:44 PM
Hi Mostafa
If you have high amps on one phase it is probably not mechanical but more likely to be electrical.
Check all connections for tightness or discoloration of the insulation, check your contactor and overload for damage, check the incoming voltage for variations.
If all this is good then the problem could be with the winding internally.