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22-12-2014, 02:45 AM
Hi Guys

Does anyone know of a good program to keep Maintenance records Re: Maintenance Contracts.
I would be great to keep a list of how many and what type of units are on a particular site.
Then you could potentially number them and give details of each like Location, history of repairs etc.


22-12-2014, 03:10 AM
Hi Phil.
yours is a common problem and your other post the same comment.
What sort of equipment does your company work on, Perth would probably mean all and anything. A bit like here.

22-12-2014, 07:32 AM
Hi Magoo

Well i tell you what we dont work on and that,s Chillers. Everything else we will touch eg, VRF, VRV , Refrigerated Ducteds units, splits, Evaporatives........

22-12-2014, 07:34 AM
Thats not to say we wont do chillers in the future . Its just i dont have anyone employed that has much experience with them .