View Full Version : Acson G18 remote HEAT, re-program, IR codes

09-12-2014, 04:10 PM

I bought a heat pump, or at least, i thought so. Outdoor part is a heat pump, but the indoor part is not.

Some specs...
Indoor unit: A5CK20C-AFAB-R
Outdoor unit: A5LC15CR-ACPOA-R

As you can see, my indoor unit is COOLING ONLY :(

But i bought a new PCB from a A5CK20CR, but my remotes don't have heat option.

So the big question, is it possible to "re-program" the remote, or are they hardcoded? I mean, is there a key combination to change it maybe? Alternatively, anyone got the IR code table, then i will make a IR transmitter my self :)

Greetings from Denmark :)