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28-11-2014, 10:22 AM
Hi All - First Post

I've noticed in the compressor data sheets that the capacity is given ~(say 8cc) but no reference to the speed or rpm of the device. Do most domestic compressors run at a constant speed ?, and short of measuring it is there any easy way to tell. For reference I have two compressors that I would like to know the speed of, a Danfoss NLE10KK.2, and an Aspera NB1117Z. As these are synchronous motors and I live in the UK I'm guessing it will be a fraction of 50Hz depending on the number of poles. So if a 6 pole motor (my guess) maybe 500 rpm ?.

Any info much appreciated.

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Glenn Moore
28-11-2014, 03:58 PM
Hi Picclock
These fractional HP compressors use 2 pole motors and run at 2900/3000 rpm. Most pots are the same although there are more and more variable speed pots coming on the market. The Danfoss/Secops are called SLVs they are used mostly in Europe but are infiltrating over here in Makro stores for better energy efficiency
Also Scrolls tend to use 2 pole motors and run at 3000rpm, again these are now being speed controlled via invertors and by using PMM (permanent magnet motors) and these can operate between 25 up to 100Hz ie up to 6000 rpm

01-12-2014, 09:47 AM
Hi Glenn

Many thanks for the info. I had no idea that they ran so quickly. I just assumed it would be slower for longer life and better efficiency.

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