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23-11-2014, 05:04 PM
I'm posting this in the hope it will help someone.
We bought a John Lewis fridge about 5 years ago. A few weeks ago the door stopped closing properly. It turned out the door had dropped, so you have to life it to close it.
This seems to be the exact same fault as reported on this thread:
The drop seems to occur because the hole in the bottom of the door gets too big and lets the door drop into the lower hinge spindle.
To fix this problem, go out and buy a packet of "repair washers". The ones I got were 32mm diameter, with a 6mm hole. Big flat things!
To apply the fix you need a medium cross head screwdriver.
1: Open the fridge door and remove the top plastic fascia (3 screws in the top of the door)
2: Get someone to hold the door steady.
3: Remove the top hinge bracket where it is screwed into the body of the fridge (2 screws)
4: Lift the door off the lower hinge bracket.
5: Put a washer on the lower bracket spindle.
6: Replace the door on the spindle. It should sit on the washer and not drop.
7: Replace the top hinge.
8: Replace the top fascia.

That's it. So far, so good.

Rob White
23-11-2014, 07:42 PM

Very useful advice and well described.
Thank you.