View Full Version : Danfoss DHP AQ 11

20-11-2014, 10:20 PM
Just looking for opinions on the above, I'm thinking of installing the HP in my 135m2 bungalow, built early 80s it's had cavity
Walls pumped, attic insulated and windows upgraded, it's not a cold or draughty house by any means but I'd like to improve the overall comfort and looking at the danfoss unit it doesn't fair too bad ( cop 3.8 @ a2w35) not as good as an ochsner of 4.4 though!

I will have to change and increase the size of a few radiators and add an extra rad to the hallway, 10l per kW are required for defrosting so a buffer of 100l or more is required too, as well as a DHW tank. There are not many other units with a high cop that have an output of 11kW so I'm kinda gearing towards the Danfoss! Opinions good or bad welcome!!