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15-11-2014, 05:58 PM
Can anyone help please?

I have a Hotpoint Mistral Plus 8496 fridge freezer. The fridge compartment is getting too cold, so cold that it freezing food. I have the temperature setting on the highest (warmest) setting.

I have replaced the thermistor in the fridge compartment but it hasn't fixed the problem.

The motorised baffle seems to work ok. The fan in the freezer works when the fridge door is open and it turns off when the fridge has reached the (un!)desired temperature.

I have tried turning the appliance off for 24 hrs to defrost, but still no joy.

Can anyone help? I thought there would be no point replacing the thermistor in the freezer as the temperature there is ok. Am I right? I did think about replacing the whole circuit board, but I can't find one and if I did it might cost more than the fridge is worth,

Thank you,


18-11-2014, 11:02 PM
I've done a bit more investigation tonight. Still, any suggestion would be appreciated.

The motorised baffle opens and closes as it should. However, when the baffle closes, the fan continues to run. The fan stops eventually. This suggests to me either the thermistor (old and new?!) or control board is not turning the fan off soon enough. Does this sound right?

However if the baffle closes at the right temperature, how does the fan being on continue to lower the temperature?