View Full Version : Heat pump Daikin RXS + FBQ duct unit + controller BRC1D52 continuously hanges

14-11-2014, 06:12 PM
Hello engineers, I've got a problem with Daikin device. After 1-2 hours of working (cooling mode) heat pump hanges, alarm code on controller EA, which indicates a problem with solenoid 4-way valve. So we have ordered and replaced 4-way valve to the new one, but unfortunately it doesn't help. Now I see that 4-way valve is switching properly, I see that cooling and heating are working fine, but still hanges. So we have tried other things like: refilling R410A. Doesn't help. We haven't noticed any problems with temprature indication of all unit thermistors, we have replaced BRC controller, doesn't help either. Troubleshooting in manual shows that problem might be at main steering board PCB.

And here we are going into my questions: Has anybody an access to used/old/second hand PCB to Daikin RXS (2004)? I'm attaching picture of that PCB as well. We are interested in buing PCB. And if sb has any idea how to solve our hanging problem, please write. I really appreciate your help.