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26-10-2014, 06:51 AM
Hey Guys,
Im new on the site, so still learning how everything works,
Ive been working on a McQuay Chiller the last few weeks and been having a few issues, any manuals or information would be much appreciated,

Chillers Model Number WHR 183.2 ST
serial number 001187/1

The Chiller is running on 407c.

Ive got two identical chillers on site, Chiller 1 compressor 1 has a motor thermistor fault, I personally was going to bridge out the sensors,

All 4 compressors seem to be running really low on oil, now Ive found out that both chillers and had quite a few refrigerant leaks, I don't know whether the compressors require more oil or what.

also im trying to find out the chillers water flow for condernsor and evap as they have not written it inside the chiller when they commissioned it.

Im also after any information on the McQuay reciprocating compressor if anyone has any
information will be much appreciated,