View Full Version : Using cooling tower BAC in hard winter

Alexey Husak
22-09-2014, 03:06 PM
Hello, sirs!
Input data:

Сlothing manufacture. There is a nessesary in water cooling for machines.
Two water circuit.

Input water 40
Output water 23
Flow 75 cubic meter per hour

Ambient condition (following state regulatory document) in winter

temperature -31 d.C
Basic scheme based on using

plate heat exchanger (water 40/23 / e-glycol 35% 10/17)
chiller with shell and tube condensator
dry cooler

this scheme provides free-cooling option as air temp. fall below 5 d.C

such decision requires large capital outlays, compared using air condenser.
but low energy cunsumption in winter

BAC Baltimore suggest to use open cooling tower. Model VLT-E
i asked BAC spec about winter operation and he told about heated sump,
insulated pipes, inroom tank and fan frequency regulation

I found options of such machine in BAC sites which allow to operate above -18
but not below

i haven`t experience with open cooling tower and have doubts that this
system will operate in -31 d.C or even -25

will be thankful for any advise or сompleted experience

sorry for my ENG

The Viking
22-09-2014, 11:38 PM
For what you propose to use I would say drain the cooling tower before the temperature get anywhere near freezing.
However, have you considered a hybrid cooler?
Like the Cabero range HERE (http://www.cabero.de/en/produkte/produktuebersicht.php?we_objectID=310).
Correctly designed they will give plenty of free cooling, have a less complicated circuit than your design (no need for the heat exchanger) and run fully automatic on their own controls.