View Full Version : Thermo King T1-M97 help

10-09-2014, 12:06 AM
Hello everyone!

Came across this forum while searching for info and thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

I purchased a 2004 Gillig Phantom bus with a Thermo King ac. While operating the bus I have noticed the ac runs for about 15 20 minutes then it stops and a light in dash saying "a.c. stop" comes on. So I managed to figure out how to pull codes from the IntelligAire II panel and got the following numbers

11, 10, 42 and 41.

Can anyone explain these codes to me? And share any idea on how to remedy this issue? Although the ac runs a short time the air it puts out is not extremely cold. But I'm new to these large systems and maybe cold air is too much to expect from this system? Or is it meant to be similar to a car ac system?

I'm going to continue to search this forum but I had to register to search so I figured I might as well start a new thread in the meantime.