View Full Version : GE fridge won't defrost

31-08-2014, 04:12 AM
I have a GE side by side model GSS25JFMD WW. Over the years, I have worked on it several times. My brother used to be an appliance tech and helped me troubleshoot once and determined the board was bad. I replaced the board several years ago and everything was good as far as I remember (I have a bad memory). At some point it frosted up. I don't remember checking the glass defrost element for continuity because the fridge wasn't defrosting it was green and I was told that it was the problem. I changed it and all was fine. A year later maybe it wasn't defrosting again. I changed the element again. It seemed like it worked at first, but at some point I had to defrost it every two months or so. This year now, I have to defrost it every week or less. After a tech recommended it, I changed the thermostat with a new WR50X but no difference. The element, though green, still had continuity and seemed good so I finally changed the board again. I still have the same problem. Any thoughts?

31-08-2014, 04:34 PM
Buy a new one ?

23-09-2014, 07:14 AM
Yes, I think it's time that you buy a new one. It seems it's not working properly. How old is it, by the way? With the amount you spend on its repair, it would be better to purchase a new one instead, especially if it's quite old already.