View Full Version : Small absorption 3way fridges not cooling - gasses have separated /blocked

31-08-2014, 12:01 AM
Hi all - just joined this site so hope I'm following the rules/etiquette OK.

I work with campervan/motorhomes and have been working with a few 3way absorption fridges lately. I currently have 4 that don't cool on any power source and suspect the gasses in the cooling unit have separated or the sodium chromate has solidified and blocked a pipe from either long periods of non-use or use with the fridge not level.

I've tried the usual turning it upside down/giving it a good shake etc and I know that of course the proper fix is to replace the cooling units, just wondering if anyone out there has managed to unblock one of these?

I was thinking the something like the application of heat around the percolator tube? Or gently tapping the likely blockage area with a small hammer?

Anyone had any experience with this fault?

Thanks in advance ...