View Full Version : YCws0140 slide valve kit BIG PROBLEM,

26-08-2014, 08:13 PM
I have a York M# YCWS0140sb46yaadb, S# RHNM009355 with a M# DXS24LASB46/50 S3vhnx172790 compressor. The compressor is not unloading when the signal to the slide valve backs down. I downloaded the form 230.10-m1 (804). As directed in the 230 I started with replacing the original factory installed control valve and oil filter. I torqued it to 8 lbs and still had the problem. Next step is to install the oil by pass kit P#364-51135-003. I orders the kit and it arrived with 2 install tools and 2 sizes of ball plugs. I removed the side plug to install the ball plug and given the size of the place to insert the plug I figured it had to be the big plug so I taped it in. next I went to run the line for the bypass and there is already a liquid line attached to the port. The 230 does not mention this, it only talks about removing the plug and install the 90deg fitting. Is this the wrong kit for the machine ? did I really f@@@ up when I put the plug in?