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pie man
19-08-2014, 10:49 PM
Hello Everyone,

Had a problem with an ice machine today and was hoping for some advice. It's a DC model DC90A (Italian) reported not making ice. Switched on and compressor kicked in, condenser fan motor cycles on and off. Noted water pump not kicking in, not getting 240v supply. Adjusted mechanical defrost timer and got water pump to work. I suspect the timer is faulty as not getting a 230 v supply to the defrost solenoid valve.

I have ordered a new timer and evap stat was struggling without a manual to hand so I'm hoping I have diagnosed it properly. Lp r404a seemed fined around 20 psi.

Pie man:)

The MG Pony
23-08-2014, 05:01 PM
My first advice is learn to read the forum headers, once you learn to read forum headers and rules I then will feel you are compitent enough to grasp the advice that will be given.

To read the forum headers, log on, then open your eyes, start at the left hand side and scan to the right, once the words are enetered into your memory decod them then follow the instruction set.

Enter into the forum that best matches the issue then read to see if any one ells has had a simuler issue, and read those replies, If this failes to address the issue you then duble check to ensure you are in the correct forum, then select "Make new toppic" chose a title that diswcribes the problem and the equipment while keeping it short and simple, then make the body of the post very detailed.

And that is how you use this forum.

pie man
25-08-2014, 10:45 PM
Check how to spell you funny bugger no need to be like that why bother responding to the post? Bye bye