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08-08-2014, 12:08 PM
Hi Guys,

My main customer runs 2 sites with 3 stores on each site. On site 1, 2 of the stores are smaller and a couple of years ago were retrofitted from R22 to R422d. 1 has 2 systems totalling 140kg in each and the other has 2 systems totalling 80kg in each. The remaining store is larger and has 2 systems each with approximately 280kg charge of R404a.

The second site has 3 stores each run on flooded systems. These were also retrofitted from r22 to R434a as it was the only tried and tested refrigerant for a flooded system that had a low glide. the total charge across all of these systems is approximately 3.5 tonnes.

Obviously all of the retrofits were performed due to the phasing out of r22 and were all performed for a huge financial outlay.

Originally on the 'new F-Gas proposals' there was talk of some kind of exemption for situations such as this but this does not seem to have come through and we are now in the situation that looking to the future they will have to somehow find the money to go through the whole process again.

The equipment all works fine and updating it would not be a financially viable option.

My questions are... Does anybody have any experience retrofitting flooded r22 systems with low GWP refrigerants and if so which would be the best?

What would people recommend for the replacement of the r422d and r404a systems and what problems would be associated?

I would be interested to know if many other people are in similar situations......



08-08-2014, 08:01 PM
Personally I would wait before pressing the customer alarm buttons yet!
There are R404a drop in replacements appearing on the market already and as for the phase out, it is as it was with R22 if it ain't broke you don't need to fix it.

the use of reclaimed and recycled F gases with a GWP above 2500 is allowed until 1 January 2030.