View Full Version : IDM heatpump with multitalent.002 control

25-07-2014, 07:39 PM
Dear all,

I have an IDM (Austria) ground source water-water heatpump with multitalent.002 control, and IDM Hygienik hot-water system.
I have problem about hot water making: I set hot water to 56 Celsius, but the heating begin under 46 Celsius of water tank. The heating will end when the heatpump output temp. reach 58 Celsius. Unfortunately the water tank temperature still lower than required hot-water tank, for example 50...52 Celsius.
I didn't find any settings for this starting and ending temperatures.
In the password-protected setup menu can I set heatpump maximum temperature, this is 62 Celius, but I don't reach this temp. There is no any other options for this problem.

Please help me if you know this system and this control.