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16-07-2014, 10:52 PM
hi, not the normal question you would expect to be asked to do but basically i have this friend who is a fitness fanatic and when they come in from a run or session at the gym they have a 140L wheelie bin out the back with cold water to act as an ice bath for quick muscle recovery or something and they want it to be kept between 5 and 10 celcius. now being 23 and only fully qualified 3 years ago Im not 100% sure how to size up the right condensing unit and refrigerant, i would think 134 would be plenty as its basically going to be a big water cooler, i would make a make shift evaporator out of 1/4 pipe and put it inside the water but the other worry is copper corrosion and being that the material the bin is made out of is plastic, wrapping copper around the outside wouldn't really achieve much by cooling the water down, controls wise I'm keeping it simple and using a bottle cooler thermostat. its just the compressor and Xvalve orifice I'm needing, this dosnt need to be exact with the temps as its not keeping any perishable items cold just some crazy person cold for a few mins haha! thanks and i hope you remotely understand this question and the reason behind it. :) :confused:

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17-07-2014, 07:32 AM
It would be easier to freeze a dozen ice cube trays over night and toss them into the 2/3 full bin of water before he went for his run. Probably already doing that.:p
150 litre capacity is quite small for the average sized person.