View Full Version : R404A Suction pressure

16-07-2014, 10:25 AM
Hello everyone,

Just a quick query regarding the suction pressure of my R404A plant. It maintains a reasonably sized complex at + 13 Degrees C. Giving the temp diff of approx (-8 / 10 Evap Tsat) I'm still looking at a suction pressure of 7 Bar! Given the plant is yet to be commisioned, I as the maintianer would like a bit of advise. The plant has 6 in number Evaporators fitted with regulators to control Evap tsat, I also assume these will also drop the suction pressure prior to the Compressor inlet with the suction velocity? It has 2 in number reciprocating compressors one duty and the other standby. Its a SW cooled Condenser Tsat 36 degrees. Its one of many Plants onboard a marine platform. I'm just a bit concerned about the theoretical high suction pressure, Compression ratio etc and the use of R404A? Is this the norm ? Thanks for your time. :)