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13-07-2014, 12:03 AM

I have a problem with this Hotpoint fridge freezer in that ice builds up below the coills behind the cover in the freezer, where the fan is.

The thing is the ice does not build up on the coils or at the drainage hole, but the ice builds up directly below the coils and a couple of inches above the bottom from where the drain hole is.

Is this the defrost heater problem or do i need to check anything else?

Many Thanks.

18-07-2014, 08:52 PM
all the info you need is here

20-10-2014, 10:43 AM
To anybody who comes here from a search (a bit late for original poster): there's a very long and very informative thread at
All the answers are there, but it's a long read.
To tell you what's in the thread (but no actual answer here): There are lots of variants of this model with different brands and model numbers. The warm fridge - cold freezer is very common. The Service Manual doesn't mention it, Hotpoint deny it, and lots of repairmen either don't know or don't do anything (typically melt ice with hair-drier, get paid, leave). A set of three parts is suggested in the long thread, with part numbers; total cost of parts, not including labour in the UK is about 100.

There are design issues with thermostats not in the best place, etc. A competent repairman can fit replacements in more appropriate places in some models (the three parts mentioned above).

Some things can have failed and simply need replacing. e.g. a sensor or defrost heater.

Some parts in some particular models can't be replaced if they fail.

A failed fridge will still work, but needs fairly frequent defrosting.

Much detail on all of these possibilities, and diagnostic information, in the long thread.