View Full Version : Miele Fridge/Freezer KDN 9713 iD fluctuating temperature

29-06-2014, 01:17 AM
Hi, I have a Miele Fridge/Freezer KDN 9713 iD which is 6 years old.

Last week it started beeping with a high temperature warning and I noticed the fridge section was not very cold (although the freezer appeared fine). By putting a thermometer in the fridge, I could see the temperature varied between 3 and 16 deg C over the course of a few hours.

I called Miele out and the guy checked the sensors and compressor and said they were fine. He said there was ice behind the back wall of the freezer (he just pushed the back of the compartment - he didn't remove any covers) and that it just needed defrosting. I defrosted it for nearly two days, but no water came out at all!

After plugging it back in and leaving it a few hours, the fridge exhibits exactly the same problem.

I'm going to call Miele back, but would appreciate some advance warning of the possible cause. Is this likely to be a serious fault? Miele do a deal where 250 covers the parts and labour for the repair. Would I be wise to take them up on this before they re-examine it?

Any help much appreciated!