View Full Version : Hotpoint Future FFS70P Fridge Freezer(fridge warm)

27-06-2014, 08:34 AM
Hi All
I have a Hotpoint FFS70P Fridge Freezer and the fridge compartment is stuck at 12 degrees. The freezer is fine and is free of ice and both freezer and fridge drains are clear.
I have done the following diagnostic check
Freezer High Temp (FHT) light on for 3 seconds
Fast Freeze Light (FFL) flashes twice
FHT on for 3s
FFL flashes 3 times
FHT on for 3s
FFL flashes 4 times
FHT on for 3s and then joined by the FFL and both lights on together for a further 5 secs then both go out together.
End Of Test.
Can anyone help me please. Seems to be a rare breed of Fridge Freezer internet wise as theres not much info about.