View Full Version : Candy cpca240ffk (34000281) Light Stopped and now Fridge is Freezing.

22-06-2014, 08:47 PM
I own a Candy Fridge/Freezer model cpca240ffk

Last week I noticed the inside light failing to come on when opening the door. The lights on the front panel have also stopped working. This weekend the Fridge has started freezing and a can of drink exploded in the fridge overnight after freezing up.

I have checked the bulb, but it does not look like it has blown.

I have read here that the Fridge Sensor is a common fault on these, but cannot find any mention of the internal light also failing, and as the light seemed to go before this other problem I am wondering if more is going wrong with the fridge than just a temperature sensor.

If anyone could offer any advice I would be grateful.