View Full Version : Mhi vrf 407c e5 fault

mike live
19-06-2014, 11:07 PM
got an old 407c vrf Mitsubishi heavy industries system that is taking comp out for fun. latest fault is e5. found system with no gas . Found leak and repaired and re charged. but still unable to get comp to run. checked windings to earth and no resistance . Unable to give the model of comp but does any one know what resistance value i should have on a 3 phase inverter driven comp ? Could a faulty inverter take out comp, or would the loss of oil from the leak take the comp out before faulting on a low pressure fault?

20-06-2014, 08:32 PM
Have you checked running amps ? Could be seized

install monkey
20-06-2014, 08:45 PM
e5 transmission error- indoor to outdoor

install monkey
20-06-2014, 08:46 PM
resistance should be equal between any 2 windings usualy around 1-3 ohms

install monkey
20-06-2014, 08:50 PM
manual.pdf (http://www.mediafire.com/view/8ghom3hv5f7pupb/manual.pdf)
link works-page 217 check power supply and noise filters are prone for failing