View Full Version : Replacing a TXV in a traulsen reach in refrigerator model G20010

27-05-2014, 02:00 AM
Hi everybody!
I have a question about the above mentioned refrigerator (traulsen G20010). I got a customer call for a not cooling, unit was 68F+ when I got to the job. This is a refrigerator only! I know the unit has a leak so I put bubbles over the high side and I thought I found the leak in the condenser I did not get bubbles ( the condenser is covered in grease) but I thought I could hear the hiss of the leak. I told the customer this was probably the leak but I would like to charge it and put some dye in to verify. Customer said no just replace condenser, I said ok but if you have me pull it I will do a pressure check to verify, since I would not be able to get the part until tuesday either way with the holiday. I pressure checked it and it is fine, no leaks.
So I have a feeling the next place of probability is more than likely the txv. My question is should I just remove the evaporator and braise in the txv outside the box or just try to install the txv. It is very tight area, maybe about 8" wide and to get a torch and two hands might be difficult. Maybe it will turn out that is not wear the leak is at, but trying to think ahead.
Any experience on this matter would sure help!

27-05-2014, 09:18 PM
If you pressure tested the condenser with OFN and didn't find a leak, why didn't you look elsewhere and test the rest of the circuit until you found the leak?

What's with the guessing?