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23-05-2014, 09:43 PM
I'm an HVAC enthusiast and an mechanical engineer currently working on a small purpose ICE making machine . I have developed an evaporator tray comprising of ice moulds in it . Tray can hold 4 ice cubes. It is equipped with automatic ejecting mechanism . Considering the technical data,
Heat load = 450 Btu/hr
Compressor selected = Tecumseh HCG1365 (540 Btu/hr)
Air condensor = 9*9 inch , 2 rows , Microfins
Fan :- 1300 rpm, 350 CFM
Capillary length = 1.8m, 0.031" using DANCAP
My target is to make ice in 5 minutes . But it is taking 10 mins . Kindly comment on above configuration system .
Condensor is oversized according to the load but i had it in scrap n used it rather than buying new.
Also it seems capillary length is not correct i suspect. Kindly check on it too.
Thanks, awaiting reply

23-05-2014, 10:33 PM
What refrigerant is being used?

Is the ice tray sprayed with water or has water running through it or just filled with water?