View Full Version : Gree Condenser PCB Temp Tube

20-05-2014, 10:31 PM
I am trying to source a part from a Gree air conditioning cassette unit for the outdoor PCB, on the board it is labelled as 'temp tube' and should be plugged into terminal CN2.

The board was originally condemned by another engineer from another company, and due to some circumstances the client I work with got rid of that engineer as they felt he was trying to rip them off.... both on price of the board and availability. The problem is he has taken the old board with him and also taken the part they need to get the board to run, apparently he is denying all knowledge of it being on the old board.

The new board they have ordered hasn't come with the part and after numerous attempts and sending pictures direct to Gree no one from Gree or the Chinese supplier knows what the part is.

I have searched all over the internet to try and source something with absolutely no luck....I was wondering if anyone else has been in the same position and if there is a way to make something up from several parts bought elsewhere, or if there is someone who sells the part??

Im guessing if Gree cant seem to get it that it must be difficult to source.

The model number is GKH24A4NK3AO.