View Full Version : Reefer manager...... This might challenge even the best engineer?

08-05-2014, 07:50 PM
I have reefer manager so i'm not on the scrounge, i need some details on the programme, does anybody have any of the info on the software:-

I know this is quite involved..... i have asked several people about this but nobody can give me the answers....

Balance Piston
08-05-2014, 09:07 PM
I don't know what a refer manager is and maybe I'm misunderstanding your question and you already know the information I'm about to type. Either way here goes, maybe it will help.

The Baud Rate, Data Bits, Stop Bits, and Parity usually have to do with serial communication (RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485), this is the communication between the Refer manager and another device such as an Allen Bradley PLC. There is usually not a simple answer for this, the values in the refer manager need to match the communication settings of the device you are trying to communicate with. There are usually numerous options, that is why it's not a simple answer, unless a refer manager only has one option for each setting.

If this was a Quantum LX communicating to an AB PLC then I would have to open the RSLogix program to figure out what the communication settings are in the PLC and then enter those values in the Quantum LX. The same would be true if you were trying to use your computer to communicate to the refer manager over serial, the communication settings need to match.

08-05-2014, 10:43 PM
Thanks for the quick reply
Reefer manager is a program on my laptop that communicates through r232 serial port to a carrier vector fridge, is it possible to find this info from the program on my laptop and if so how could i do it?

Balance Piston
09-05-2014, 12:14 AM
Unfortunately I'm not familiar with that type of system or the software so my response will be somewhat generic.

Option 1.
- If your computer has a serial port you need to identify the port number. If you’re computer does not have a serial port and you are using a USB to Serial converter then you will still need to identify the port but the decent brands have software you can install and change the port number at any time. Either way, you need to identify your computers serial / USB port. My USB to Serial converter is a Keyspan USA19H, the software has a “Test serial port” option that should automatically detect some of the settings in the Vector Fridge. There are probably free programs that will do something similar, not positive though.

- Once you have determined the port settings I assume you will need to enter those values in the Refer Manager software….somewhere. You will probably also have to tell the software which serial / USB port you will be using to communicate with the Vector Fridge. There may even be an “Auto Configure” option once you enter the correct serial port number. The attached screen shot shows RSLinx, it’s what I would use to communicate through serial to an Allen Bradley PLC. Notice the “Comm Port” drop down menu, this is where I would enter my computer serial port number then all I would have to do is push the “Auto Configure” button at the bottom. As long as my “Comm Port / Serial Port” number is correct then it will configure itself.

Option 2.
- There should be a way to figure out the settings in the Vector Fridge either by software, dip switches, default settings in a manual, old program, etc. You may have to call the manufacturer.

Option 3.
- If all else fails……Figure out which serial / USB port number you are using on your computer, this is a must….Enter that in the Refer Manager software (there must be a place to set up coms in that software), and just start changing the settings until it communicates. Keep in mind though, if the baud rate is low then it may take time to establish communications so be patient.

Hopefully this doesn't confuse you.....sometimes trying to establish communications can be a serious pain in the butt.