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29-04-2014, 01:26 AM
Hi guys thought I would run this by you all,came back to the house tonight posty left me a nice little letter about overstating my time via a private parking company on a retail park in wales,they have a picture of my number plate going in and out but not me the driver sadly the car is still registered to my late girlfriend and the fine is in her name,thought I had changed the keeper at dvla but obviously not looking on the net seems like the way to play it is wait till they knock on the door the letter did not come registered mail,anybody had dealings with similar this company seem to have motorway services in their portfolio also.

29-04-2014, 01:46 AM
I HAD 2 TICKETS ISSUED BY PRIVATE PARKING FIRMS. I refused to pay either. I SENT RECEIPTS SHOWING SHOPPING AT ALDI, regardless of how long i was shopping,Also got ticket for parking in disabled bay in hospital although I supplied my badge on show, they canx ticket again after I complained. DONT PAY IT, THESE PRIVATE PARKING FIRMS ARE SPRINGING UP EVERYWHERE, THEY ARE ALL MONEY GRABBING CROOKS !!

Rob White
29-04-2014, 08:54 AM

There is a hugh amount of debate about this on another forum I use and
the consensus of opinion is that the only people who can issue you with
a fixed penalty notice for parking is a local council authority all the other
private ones are not a court issued fixed penalty.

The private firms that issue these fixed penalty notices are just informing
you that they want payment in the event of an over stay or other supposed
illegal parking activity. They can only enforce it by going to court and proving
you are guilty.

It is something to do with contractual law, basically the person using the parking
facilities, by using the facilities agrees to the terms of the contract to use those
facilities. If you don't pay then you are in breach of contract and they then have
to try and recoup those losses from you, using the legal system.

They very rarely go down this route because most people are intimidated by the
legally written and worded letters so they pay up.

As far as I'm aware they have to prove you were driving????

You have one of a few options:-

Leave it and see what happens
Respond to them and explain
pay up

I know of a lot of people who ignored it and it went away, but there are
documented cases of people being legally sued for these and the parking
companies have won??



Oh, by the way the advice above is worth exactly what you payed for it :)


29-04-2014, 10:56 AM
Agree with Rob, they are not criminal action documents.