View Full Version : Bosch fridge freezer KGH33V03GB

11-04-2014, 04:13 PM
Hi,Can anyone advise this F/F is just over 5 years old only been in use about 6 weekends a year for the last couple of years .Turned it on last weekend about 15mins later my wife heard a loud bang did not know where it came from I was walking past F/F 15mins later loud bang from F/F I examined the unit seemed ok apart from fridge not cooling so dismantled the duct at back of fridge assumed there must be a fan to drive cold air into fridge loosened the 2 screws holding evaporater in place at top of freezer to get at fan but did not go any further for fear of damaging pipework.I have been online and seen required fan in exploded parts view on Bosch website 94.My question is how does one get at the fan behind the evaporator.I can imagine a call out to investigate and new parts visit to fit is probably going to make repair uneconomic which is a shame as I hate throwing things away when they can be repaired.If I can fit new fan myself it is worth fixing anyone know if this is a common fault.

06-05-2014, 10:53 PM
Not formillia with the particular product, however: If its 'accessable' its a easy swap over. Dissconecting he evap will be impossible if you dont have the gear.