View Full Version : Rx-400 CPC Shut off and alarm

Carlos Bracho
14-03-2014, 03:04 PM
Greetings! We hope you can help us with some programming issues in a RX-400 CPC. One of our refrigeration racks requires a logic that makes all or some of the screw compressors stop when the oil injection temperature exceeds a previously fixed upper limit in order to protect them from system overheating. In our case, that could happen due to dust clogging on the Chiller Condenser or due to faulty readings of the sensor.

The oil injection temperature limits have to oscillate between 40C and 50C. An alarm signal for the controller has to be set up when the temperature reaches 55C, and the screw compressors should shut off at 60C.

We also want to be able to shut down the screw compressors when they surpass a preset discharge temperature of 100C. The controller should shut off all compressors, or the particular ones that had been programmed to do it at said temperature.

Please answer by the thread rules. Yes, we called Emerson before, and we didn't understand each other. (Living in the Caribbean doesn't do good for your English Accent!)

Thanks in advance,

C.M. & his Crew