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27-02-2014, 10:42 AM

My daughter has a BEKO Model CDA653F fridge/freezer. The top half i.e. the fridge, appears to be freezing continuously and everything goes solid... We've tried emptying it all and leaving it for a day with the doors open, hoping that would help but unfortunately it hasn't...

The thermostat control for the fridge is at the top, inside the light fitting. I've removed the lamp cover hoping that would enable me to gain access to the thermostat and/or any electronic pcb's but I still can't get at it - I presume I need to remove the entire housing but I'm at a loss to see how. I'm presuming that this is whee the electronics are...

I'd be grateful for any help. Incidentally I'm a reasonably competent diy'er and have a good array of tools and test equipment, ohm meter etc.

Thank You.

02-03-2014, 01:27 PM
fault is the pcb on the rear which controls the temp costs about 40quid for part

08-03-2014, 08:10 PM
Thanks for that.

I obtained a replacement board, checking its part number before I installed it. Now it looks as if the problem is still there i.e. a beaker of water is freezing solid. However just in case its the compartment that is very cold I've suggested to my daughter that she leaves the fridge door open for a while and gently defrosts the ice at the rear of the compartment with a hair dryer, then shuts the door and tries again. Incidentally the thermostat control is turned down to zero.

If the problem remains I presume its the thermostat. Whereabouts is that located?

Fridge/freezer is about 4 years old and daughter is a single parent so just throwing it away and replacing is not an option.

Appreciate your help.

install monkey
08-03-2014, 08:26 PM
access the stat as it looks like your contacts might be welded- or capillary damaged- in position 0 it should be off- if you have continuity accross the 2 pins then its goosed- unplug it first though:p

taken from the user manual

In case of a temporary ice build up in the fridge compartment, reduce the
thermostat setting to 1, monitoring at the same time that the fridge temperature
is maximum +5 degrees C [41 degrees F]. Once the ice build up disappears
and the appliance starts auto defrosting again as normal, then you may
increase the thermostat setting, if required.
When you set the thermostat knob to 0 [Zero] position, the appliance will be switched

08-03-2014, 08:40 PM
Thanks for that.

I presume the stat is in the housing at the top of the fridge as that is where the control is. I cannot see how I can acces that, I have tried to remove the cover but I'm afraid of breaking something... I presume as there will only be 2 wires coming from the thermostat these will be on the the small 2 way plug that goes to the control board? If I find they are welded together I'll obviously need to change it - unless I can gingerly prise them apart, cleaning the contacts (probably highly unlikely...) - but I need to know how to get at the stat...

Thanks again, daughter is suggesting I might like to treat her to a new fridge/freezer - that's got me worried !!!

install monkey
08-03-2014, 08:53 PM
i dont do much on domestics- there has been a recall on theses for a modification-

u can pull the stat dial off then the stat can be removed via an 11mm nut, as for the housing- usually theres a screw and then it will slide about 5mm- back

08-03-2014, 09:13 PM
Thanks for your quick replies - much appreciated!

I'll go over to the daughter's tomorrow and check for continuity on the 2 pin connector on the control board and also have another go at removing the thermostat housing.

Your comment about the stat contacts being welded together may make sense as she's been running the unit for a while with the stat set to zero and the freezer still works so presumably the stat is causing the unit to pretty well run permanently.

We did have a look at the Beko recalls and I don't 'think' this applies to this unit. In any event I did read somewhere that the unit has to be functional before the Beko engineer will do the mod...

Thanks again.

09-03-2014, 03:06 PM
An update on the BEKO...

I had another look this afternoon and managed to remove the domed light/temperature set assembly. Quite simple really - just one small self tapper - really can't imagine how I missed it last time I looked...

The actual temperature set control is a small board mounted 47k ohm pot. This is the only component on the very small pcb and checks out ok at 47k. I also checked continuity to the rear where the lines from the pot connect to the control board, turning the temp set alters the resistance at board connector plug KN2 - obviously with the plug disconnected from the control board.

Whilst I'd consider myself a reasonably competent electronics tech my knowledge of what's involved here is sketchy and as such I'm relying on you guys to point me in the right direction... I was looking for some component that actually senses the temeperature and signals it back to the control board - but where is it ??? There are a total of three plugs connect to the control board and presumably one of these caries this information.

SO. I've replaced the control board and checked the temp set board and lines through to the control board and found nothing wrong. The rear inside panel of the fridge quickly ices up, I left a cup of water in there earlier and I expect it will be solid in a few short hours ...

Anyone with any more ideas, would it be worth phoning BEKO - or would they just tell me to call a specialist...

Thanks for your help.

install monkey
09-03-2014, 03:33 PM
must be sensor failure then- as the power to the compressor is switched via the pcb youve already changed- as a guide if theres more than 1 sensor on the fridge then usually they all will have the same resistance at the same temperature-can u post a piccy of a wiring diagram (get the piccy onto your pc then click on the lil picture frame above on where you type your replies)

09-03-2014, 03:47 PM
Unfortunately I don't have a wiring diagram - if I had one that would make things easier. I've looked everywhere on the 'net for a Service Manual or something similar but no luck.


11-03-2014, 10:16 AM
Spoke to Beko yesterday who were particularly unhelpful apart from giving me the telephone number of a local engineer - seems I'm on my own with this repair and may have to make the call. I would like to be able to get this going as I've spent a bit of time on the unit and have replaced the control board.

Ah well.

26-03-2014, 05:51 PM
Thanks for all your input...

An update on the sickly BEKO.

Assuming the problem was a duff temperature sensor and not being able to find it in desperation I phoned the local BEKO engineer who quickly informed me that the 'main control board' at the rear was faulty. When I told him I'd just changed it he decided that the small pcb inside the dome light which sets the temperature was faulty and that he would obtain a replacement. At this point I just said Ok and let him go and order one but I'll be surprised if it makes any difference.

I'm hoping this engineer is not a 'change everything 'till it works' merchant. We'll see.