View Full Version : Turbocor compressors for HVAC only?

19-02-2014, 06:49 AM

Can the Turbocor compressor be used in supplying +2 degrees celsius chilled water to a Hydro-cooler running on R134a? What sst can this compressor deliver running on R134a with ambients of +45 degrees celsius? Any feed back from someone that uses this equiptment would be much appreciated. I will either go with a Copeland Stream compressor rack with 3 compressors or I am willing to try something different and go with a Turbocor if it can do the job.

The Viking
19-02-2014, 03:55 PM

You want us here on the internet do your job for you?
How could you even trust our advice? Who would hold the warranty, you or me?

Your best bet is to look at the performance sheets for the compressors you got in mind.
Does your application fall within their design envelopes? If it does then it can do the job, if not it can't.