View Full Version : Refrigerant quantity&capacity relation

18-02-2014, 11:49 AM
Hi all,
does anyone have a table that shows the capacities of a given refrigerant per kg??
for example R134a -10 to -5C evap temp for 1kW 1-1,5kg refrigerant!!!!
thx alot...

18-02-2014, 04:26 PM
What makes you think there is a relationship between quantity and capacity?

19-02-2014, 08:11 AM
Only relation with capacity is mass flow of refrigerant!
Mass flow is defined with compressor displacement and refrigerant temperature/pressure.

19-02-2014, 08:49 AM
well i dont have any solid evidence to prove it but one of my buddies in the field said so. so i was trying to get idea of you folks as well...

The Viking
19-02-2014, 03:50 PM
The true answer is that it has no relation what so ever.

Just imagine that you connect a cylinder with 10kG of refrigerant to the system... Would it automatically increase the system's capacity???