View Full Version : Kelvinator Inverter AC 'E1' fault

young gun
22-01-2014, 09:59 AM
Hey I have flicked through the threads and this has been brought up before and not answered.... Kelvinator split systems coming up with 'E1' fault, indoor fan running, but nothing outside, takes 10 minutes of indoor fan running then little screen comes up with E1 fault. Manual says to shut off power, clean filter and then start up and it will disappear. But this does not work.

Kelvinator technical support is useless and I cant even get the phone number for it. if anyone has the Australian phone number for it... or knows how to erase this fault.... please help

I don't want to go replacing boards if there is just a simple trick way kelvinator have implemented to their AC's so that only a Kelvinator tech can reset it after cleaning filter.

anyone know anything?????????????