View Full Version : Need guidance accessing ventilator motor and fan - Zanussi ZNB3450S fridge / freezer.

04-01-2014, 10:29 AM
I need some guidance in dismantling a Zanussi ZNB3450S fridge/freezer in order to get access for replacing the ventilator (fan) motor.
(The fridge/freezer has Zanussi Product # 925033031, Type # CBFF340IC.
The fridge is vertically over freezer, in a 60:40 arrangement.)

It is unusually unclear how to remove the moldings covering the top of the inside of the freezer compartment, which cover the ventilator fan and motor. I have not succeeded in finding the attachment/release mechanisms.
See reference items 35 and 36 in diagram "Cooling System 017" at

Please, would someone post instructions/diagrams for getting access to the ventilator fan and motor of this Zanussi fridge/freezer?

Many thanks.