View Full Version : hotpoint ff200e - fridge warm - fault diagnosis OK

03-01-2014, 10:47 PM
Hello all

Yes its a request for help for the ubiquitous faulty fridge freezer Hotpoint ff200e.

Freezer at correct temperatures - fridge warm

I have run a self diagnosis and the results are no faults.
The fan is working and the baffle is opening and closing.

There is no significant ice on the evaporator.

The fridge inlet reports cold air when a thermometor is placed there - around 2 degrees c

i have left the fridge rear panel off for 24 hours . After which the inlet still reports 2 degrees c but the fridge centre is 13 degrees.

curiously some butter left in the door is still solid.

if the thermistor has failed, teh fridge should continue in its emergency mode to produce a cold fridge.

So far I am suspecting the controller.

Any advice on what further checks to make?

Many thanks