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10-12-2013, 03:28 PM
How much cooling load (TR) is required to cool 3000 Ltr of milk from 30 deg C to 3 deg C in 8 hrs?
We want to use SS jacketed tank with DX cooling coil.

monkey spanners
10-12-2013, 04:54 PM
8 hours is too slow if you are filling the tank in one go, the milk will spoil.

How are you going to use the tank? (On a farm with two or three milkings a day, in a factory etc with one filling, at a depot with farmers bringing milk in small quantities over the day)

Think they duty is about 3.1 tons but i would not have too much faith in that figure as i just used info found via google etc.

10-12-2013, 05:57 PM
try here

11-12-2013, 07:04 AM
It is coming around 3.35 TR . However 8Hrs pull down is too much. I have seen 5 hrs as a pull down time followed in Dairy plants