View Full Version : Baked bread blast freezer capacity

25-11-2013, 08:33 AM
Hello, engineers,
Sorry for my English first, I hope there will be no big problems to understand me. I need to calculate capacity of blast freezer, client want to freeze baked bread from +50C to -18C in 1 hour, there will be about 1500kg of production. I calculated that load capacity is ~109kW, but in some sources I found that for bread maximum rate of heat removal is twice, so I have to double my calculations, 109x2=218kW. Is that true? The problem is that I cant find heat transfer coefficient of bread anywhere on the internet, and I cant calculate room teperature needing to freeze all the bread in 1 hour.
So if I`m right that I need 218kW, I should select evaporator for -30C air inlet and -38C evaporation temperature and 218kW cooling capacity? And the same with compressor, 218W @ -38C evaporation with 8K superheating?
Thanks for reading and answering.