View Full Version : aeg vs LIEBHERR chest freezer ? ( Storage time during malfunctions )

12-11-2013, 01:32 PM
hi everybody, i'd like some expert opinion or user opinion if its possible in order to choose between two chest freezers.
the one is AEG A82700HLW0 website from manufacturer > http://www.aeg.co.za/Products/Cooling/Freestanding/Freezers/A83400HLW0 . and the other one is liebherr 3032-20 manufacturer website > http://www.liebherr.com/HG/en-GB/region-CH/products_hg.wfw/id-650069-0_38939-0
currently i have both at home and i must return one of them. bought the aeg first but it formed ice where the lock was. the maintenance person played with the cover door and made thing worse. now the walls start forming ice as well half height from the top.
called the store and said i want a replacement. so i choose liebherr because it has no lock.
my main questions are
1) the aeg claims 45 hours Storage time during malfunctions. the cover door is 11cm thick and the walls are 10cm thick. the liebherr on the other hand claims 65 hours Storage time during malfunctions but the cover door is 7cm thick and the walls are 7cm thick as well. how can the aeg which has thicker walls claim less storage time during malfunctions while the liebherr with thiner walls claim linger time ? do you know if they use different insulation material ?
2) the aeg has a monitor on the handle to control temp while the liebherr has mechanical controls on the handle. do you think the electronic controls of the aeg would be more accurate ?
thanks for your time