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05-11-2013, 11:55 PM
Good evening everyone!

I recently retired from active duty in the US Armed Forces and have since sought employment, I was trained and licensed by the military as a Class III Universal Technician and an EPA Certified Specialist. I have 7.5 years in the refrigeration and power generation field and some other knowledge like brazing/solder certified, small electronics technician and Diesel engine repairer.

Although I feel I am fairly educated, I do not believe I am we'll advanced for a civilian career as my first offer for employment was $14/hr with some bonuses.
I was also informed I would need to become versed in boiler repair and operation as well as heat pumps.

My question involves the schooling, I have heard from many sources that NATEX/NATE is a well accredited school and is a well respected doctrine on specific education of the HVAC industry, is there anywhere else I should be aware of for training and what training do you recommend to someone like me? I very much enjoy my line of work and love the daily challenges and solving complicated problems, but I fear that $14/hr in this growing economy will not be sufficient for me and my family.