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29-08-2013, 08:58 PM
I was looking into getting a batch freezer for making gelato and found a lot of machines I liked but that were water cooling machines. I was told by someone to stay away from water cooled machines because where we are located the running water isn't going to be cold enough to cool it. The running water here is normal temperature, not hot, not cold. Can someone familiar with batch freezers weigh in on what they said here:

"In order for the machine to run properly (freeze the product) you will need to either flush the machine with cold water or allow it to expel hot air, this is because as the machine runs, it generates heat which needs to be counterbalanced. This can be achieved by expelling hot air into the ambient temperature or by passing cold water through the batch freezer to cool it down.If you go the water cooled route you will either need a water chiller or an inlet that will give you water at a predefined temperature (which I am assuming will be colder that what you get out of your tap).

If the water isn't cold enough the mix will either not freeze, or take longer to freeze. As a result, you will get an inferior product because the longer it take to batch freeze, the more crystals will form in the mix. In addition, if you get a water cooler, this too will need to be placed outside otherwise the air that it expels (due to counterbalancing the cooling process of the water) will make your kitchen an oven. When you put it outside you will then have to run pipes that will run to your batch freezer and will not be able to be moved. Ultimately, this mean that you cannot shift either your water chiller or batch freezer without dismantling the piping. Needless to say, this can be a pain. If you go the air cooled route, you can bypass all of this and in addition it allows you to move your machine freely in the event that you want to clean behind it, have it serviced or transport it to another location for any reason."

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Air-cooled units are desirable where water is expensive, heating of ambient air is not objectionable, or where the rejected heat will be dissipated out-of-doors. Water-cooled units are the best, where water is available and inexpensive, or where heating of the ambient air is objectionable.

Here is a case study. It is informative but kind of a dry read.

http://repository.tamu.edu/bitstream/handle/1969.1/4621/ESL-HH-04-05-22.pdf?sequence=4 (http://repository.tamu.edu/bitstream/handle/1969.1/4621/ESL-HH-04-05-22.pdf?sequence=4)