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27-08-2013, 08:46 AM
Hello Dear Collegues,
I'm new in the forum , but i want to kindly ask all of you to help me to solve the following problem:
I want to attach one indoor unit from LG inverter to my house central heating. I want to use a fan of the indoor unit like convection radiator. But there is a problem. The indoor unit blows air only for 5 min. then switches off, because of communication error /i don't have oudoor unit/. Please if you have any solution. I want to use indoor control board of the unit to control a speed of the blower motor and remote control functions without outdoor unit. Is there any emulator for outdoor unit i may use. Or how to work indoor unit without outdoor. Any solutions, ideas.

Best regards

31-08-2013, 09:10 AM
you might have to do away with the LG indoor control board and rig something up yourself.
is the fan motor AC or DC?
i know Hitachi ducted indoor units can run in fan only mode without connection to the outdoor unit without faulting out. never tried an LG indoor on its own though.